Don’t grow up so fast, you’ll regret it one day.”

This is the phrase we utter to the younger generations. They’re all in a rush to grow up and we’re here warning them of how they’ll one day realize how they wrong they were, what they’re missing, and that they’ll wish they had it back.

The other day, I ran home on my lunch break and saw a group of 10 year old boys walking down the street with some blue slushies. Nothing out of the ordinary, it was summer after all. As I sat at a stop light, I thought to myself, “Man, that’s gotta suck that they don’t have the freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want.” It directed my attention to that phrase mentioned earlier, and how everyone and their dog seems to be posting things along the lines of “I wish I was a child again.”

I don’t.

It’s not so much that I miss being a child, but more that I miss the time period in which I was a child. The 90s were lit. My childhood was actually really great. My grandma was still here, as was my dog. And the threats we face in the world today weren’t an issue. I could wake up early on a Saturday morning and watch cartoons for as long as my heart desired. To my knowledge, there is nothing like this on TV today. I could watch Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Lizzie McGuire, and Recess, all during their original runs. If I was sick, a parent would stay home with me and nurse me back to health. I could play outside all day and I didn’t have to worry about bills.

But that’s it. I don’t miss much more about being a kid. In fact, it all made me reflect on why exactly being an adult is so much better than being a kid.

1.You get to work

This could be a con to most, but I personally love being able to generate an income for myself in which I can spend it on whatever I want. No more saving up for my allowance for months and months in order to buy that GameBoy I’ve had my eye on when I can go to my 9 to 5 job and make that in a week. I don’t always necessarily love it, but I love making that cash.

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  1. You can drive!

This is literally probably the greatest blessing in my life. Having the ability to go wherever I want and whenever I want without wondering how I’m going to get there or worrying about whether or not I’ll be able to make it that far on my bike is honestly a goddamn convenience.

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  1. You’re not forced to be around assholes for 8 hours a day…for 13 years

Sure, you might be surrounded by some real jackwagons at your job for 8 hours a day, but guess what? You can do something about it. You can quit and find a new one. But as a kid, you’re screwed. Unless you become homeschooled or switch schools, you’re surrounded by your asshole schoolmates and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it. Assuming your going to be with the same kids until you graduate, then buckle up for your 13 year ride through hell.

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  1. Dating?

We all had those “boyfriends/girlfriends” that we dated for a week and were done with. As an adult, you get to do the real thing. I will admit that dating is pretty much still a shitshow as an adult, but once you get into a serious relationship, loving your best friend and knowing they love you back is honestly the most wonderful thing.

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  1. No more asking your parents for permission

I still ask my mom for her permission but disguise it as me asking for her opinion. But the difference now is that regardless of whether or not she says yes, I can still do it anyway and face virtually no repercussions, at least from my parents.

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  1. You can eat ice cream for breakfast or tacos for every meal
    This is the one reason I shouldn’t be an adult.
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  2. You can buy yourself everything your parents wouldn’t

My parents never took me to Disney World. I’ll give you a moment to process how tragic that is. I don’t know why, because I’ve never asked why they haven’t (probably because my twin brother and I were pretty much the spawn of Satan), and I’m not about to use this as my platform to call them out (*glares* Kim), but I finally went when I was 22 because I wanted to. I wanted to go so I literally bought myself a plane ticket to Florida and a day pass to the Magic Kingdom and I lived out all of my childhood dreams, complete with the Mickey Mouse ears and the meltdowns over Disney Princesses. Being able to give myself everything I didn’t need but wanted anyway is amaaaazing!

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  1. You can have your own place

I love having my own apartment and decorating it however I want. I also love it when my mom comes to stay with me for sleepovers, which is totally doable because I only live an hour away from my parents. While paying rent totally sucks ass, it’s also nice to come home and it feels like the mini vacation that costs you nothing. Plus, when you live alone, you don’t have to wear pants.

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If given the option to go back and be a kid again for a week, I wouldn’t do it. I enjoyed being a kid when I was one and had a relatively great childhood, but looking back, it seems like quite the hell on earth. Blast from the past? Nah, I’d rather look towards the future *high kicks into adulthood*

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