I have a Tinder account. I think most single people my age do. I don’t use it much, though. I have found some real trash on there. There’s the guys who think it’s okay to say some extremely vile shit right off the bat, and the ones that could be a certified psychopath (like my ex, whaddup David?)

But what really floors me are the guys who put in the bare minimum. They’re the ones who usually tell me, “oh you live so far away.” Twenty five miles is not far. Where I am from, I literally had to drive half that distance just to get to the grocery store one way. You’re telling me that you can’t even be bothered to put in the effort to get to know someone because they live 20 miles further than you’re willing to travel?

This isn’t just on Tinder. It happens in real life, too. Now, I’m not stupid. Clearly, a lack of interest is also a factor. When you’re interested, when you care, you make things happen. You make the time. You put in the effort and you drive those extra miles.

But the weird thing is is that it’s not that they weren’t interested. They were. They just didn’t want put in the time. Or maybe they’re just after hookups, which doesn’t surprise me either. Apparently my ass is much nicer than my personality. Maybe I’m in the wrong for looking for love on Tinder, an app notorious for hookups. But like I also said, this happens in real life dating as well. It’s like they expect me to do any and all work.

You want to talk? You text first.
You want to see me? You drive here.
You want to make plans? You initiate them.
And then, once you do all that, I’m going to bail with hardly any explanation, probably because something better came along and also because I probably didn’t want to put on pants. And fuck it, video games sound better anyway.

It’s understandable if you’re really not looking for a relationship, but then stop looking for one. Quit putting yourself out there if you have no intention of doing anything with it. When did the men of our generation become so lazy? What happened to the romance? When did video games and mind games bring more satisfaction than a relationship?